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I'm looking for an intership to increase my education.

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Ecole : University of Naples Federico II

80129 naples it

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de : 2017-02-27 à : 2018-02-27

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Architect specializing able to work well either alone or in teams. Available to assume positions of greater responsibility if necessary. Meticulous and able to process the architectural drawings and models accurately and with a higher level of technical ability. Quick learning and 3D modeling expert and render...

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Mister, Miss,

I graduated from the University of Naples in Architecture with laude.
I'm looking for an internship with an international orientation, the field for which I have been having a great interest for years.
During my studies, I spent six months in Paris. This period has increased my desire to work abroad.
My two years of freelance experience have taught me to be organized in my work, independent and serious. I have a sense of wor...