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Drilling Superintendent/Oil & Gas/All part of word/Preference Afrique

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31 years of experience in Drilling Engineer/Drilling Superintendent function with knowledge of mud, cement and west treatment within a major Operating Company ( ENI E. & P.). Experience in bids, contracts and service company evaluations. Member of Internal audit Team; preparing several drilling programme & final programme.
Matured experience in deep-water drilling ship, Jack Up, Swamp rig, land rig
Member of HSE group: Work around world in different environmental. Solving problem philosophy.


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I'm Italian with a experience with ENI Exploration & Production; I spend long part of my life in West Africa and after my retirements I joint consultant company.

Actually I'm in Egypt working with EDISON and covered Drilling Supt. Position for offshore gas well

Reason to change is that project is going to finish, and I can be free very shortly.

My updated CV is attached

Thanks in any case for your consideration